First Night

Order and precision are not only required but admired traits in a political leader so I shall be sure take careful notes on the recent events in San Francisco.

Things began the night of Elise’s induction to the City, by which, of course, we mean The Circle of the Crone. After handling business I gifted her with a knife of her own. Weaponry always being a good item for vampires to carry, especially new ones. She ended up using the gift to shatter a strange mirror that appeared in the Circle’s lewd birthing canal of a ritual. Rebirthed from our sires straight into the Circle, I suppose.

Elise became very concerned with the event but not concerned enough to not flirt with the other neonate, Simon. Hopefully he’ll bring her out of her shell. Not much else happened, though Elise found Anubis and together the two of them went to all sorts of heights attempting to investigate the mirror. They were only short of shouting news of the event from the tops of buildings. Subtly was not Elise’s greatest trait. Perhaps it was knitting. Regardless there are whispers of vampires becoming worried over the news.

It wasn’t until fires set to vampire’s homes did things begin to heat up. Originally I paid for Jade’s services but after a rough encounter with Los Lobos she instead sent Anubis to me and together, as well as with Elise, we’ll set out to personally investigate the fires.

Good help is so hard to find these days.

-Kayako, Night Mayor



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