First Night

Order and precision are not only required but admired traits in a political leader so I shall be sure take careful notes on the recent events in San Francisco.

Things began the night of Elise’s induction to the City, by which, of course, we mean The Circle of the Crone. After handling business I gifted her with a knife of her own. Weaponry always being a good item for vampires to carry, especially new ones. She ended up using the gift to shatter a strange mirror that appeared in the Circle’s lewd birthing canal of a ritual. Rebirthed from our sires straight into the Circle, I suppose.

Elise became very concerned with the event but not concerned enough to not flirt with the other neonate, Simon. Hopefully he’ll bring her out of her shell. Not much else happened, though Elise found Anubis and together the two of them went to all sorts of heights attempting to investigate the mirror. They were only short of shouting news of the event from the tops of buildings. Subtly was not Elise’s greatest trait. Perhaps it was knitting. Regardless there are whispers of vampires becoming worried over the news.

It wasn’t until fires set to vampire’s homes did things begin to heat up. Originally I paid for Jade’s services but after a rough encounter with Los Lobos she instead sent Anubis to me and together, as well as with Elise, we’ll set out to personally investigate the fires.

Good help is so hard to find these days.

-Kayako, Night Mayor

Day 1
Mirror, Mirror

Our story of the evening began with Alexander Stoicas reclusive progeny, Elise Walker. She was going to be inducted into the San Francisco Enclave by a handsome roguish member of the Circle of the Crone. Her big night hadn’t started out so well, first her ‘stepsister’ the Night Mayor gave her a congratulatory knife and Elise wasn’t sure she liked what that implied about vampire society. Then she met Simon, her, admittedly handsome, fellow neonate, which was probably a highpoint in the evening. Her and Simon were guided through the beginning of the night by the Princes Shadow, I don’t know who thought that was a good idea. As Elise travelled down the birth canal of The Crone, she was confronted by a mirror and a mysterious vampire. He instructed her to break the mirror to symbolize the destruction of her old life and induction of the new. I assure you this is incredibly unorthodox and not part of the approved ceremony. This mysterious visitor vanished after the mirror was broken and Elise moved on into the ritual chamber, where she saw me, standing on the altar dressed in a drab woolen robe. The rest of the ritual passed without incident as I flawlessly bound the sires and their childe in an immaculate display of poise and grace.

Afterwards at the ball Elise and I danced together, I found her to be a charming woman, although she seemed almost afraid of me as if she thought I was going to consume her, I quickly moved on so as to not frighten the poor dear. I set my sights on Simon instead but it seems he was also infatuated with Elise and had much better luck than I. He seemed like a nice enough boy so I left the two be and moved on to find a man to cheer me up.

The next day Elise and I went to the library to investigate the strange miirror in the vagina. We found nothing explicit regarding the strangeness, only that the breaking of mirrors symbolizes leaving one life for another. Their was no more information on the induction ceremony itself since it was created by Abigal Terrow herself.

A few days later Kayako, The Night Mayor, received word of someone burning down vampire havens, only one vampire was killed but three havens were destroyed. A few days later two more havens were burned but no one was killed. Kayako recruited the mortals help in finding the arsonist but they were predictably useless so she turned to my sire Jade for help. Jade promised help for payment, but had to pull out after Los Lobos began acting up and infringing on the Coiling Dragons turf. Since I was injured in the attack from Los Lobos Jade sent me to Kayako to help out with the investigation. We haven’t found much yet but we believe the fires are being started by a group of vampires, or a single vampire, operating together and moving from house to house on foot. We’re on the lookout for more fires to flare up, but for now, we wait.


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